At Herd, we believe that great communication starts with collaboration.

Who we are

Herd is a socially responsible digital communications agency founded in 2010 and based in Kings Cross, London.

We are a fast-growing team of strategists, creatives and techies all working towards three common goals:

  1. To deliver cutting edge digital communications services to private, public and third sector organisations;
  2. To use a percentage of our profits and our technical and creative skills to support social improvement projects;
  3. To increase the diversity, and therefore the productivity, of the UK’s creative sector by offering training and work opportunities to people who are currently under-represented in the industry.

Why herd?

We believe that we have a lot to gain by listening to and sharing with the people around us. The name 'Herd' captures the collaborative, collective principles that underpin our approach to communications and the way we run our company.

You can see more about what we do in the Services and Portfolio sections of our site, or catch us on Twitter @herdcomms.

they say...

Herd have created a fantastic social network for us that helps artists and arts organisations to showcse their work and collaborate online.
Almir Koldzic, Head of Arts and Refugee Partnership, Refugee Council
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