Strategy is more about what you don't do than what you do.
- Tom Peters


At Herd, our approach to digital strategy is people-focused, cross-organisational and technology neutral. Or, in plain English: we listen to the people that are important to you, and help you find the best technology to engage them.

Digital is not just for PR & marketing

Digital technology affects many areas of your organisation, from internal communications to product development and innovation, so it’s important that your digital strategy is based on a big-picture view of your organisation. It also means it’s crucial to have input from all stakeholders, internally across departments and externally from your customers or beneficiaries.

The Herd mentality

Whichever buzzword you choose to describe it - and there are many: co-design, customer centricity, collaboration – understanding what drives interaction between people is an important part of effective communication. We recognise the significance of peer-to-peer influence in the decisions that people make, and try to build this into our strategy planning by getting to know what’s important to your target audiences.

One size doesn’t fit all

Our understanding of integrated digital media helps us design strategies that are built on the best creative and technical mix for your organisation - we won't try to push you onto Twitter if there's no strategic reason for you to be on there.

So, how does it work?


Our first priority is to understand as much as we can about you: your organisational objectives, who your stakeholders are and what level of digital technology you’re currently using. We’ll read up on your industry, familiarise ourselves with your organisational plans and review your current digital activity.


We’ve developed a collaborative approach to strategy planning that will ensure that your strategy is based not just on your core values and key objectives, but on the ideas and needs of the real people that make up your organisation. By talking to and listening to your staff, suppliers and customers, we’re able to better understand what your communications should do. We find that we get better results when we’re building a website if we involve the end users in the scoping process, and that the videos we make get better engagement when the target audience has had some input into the scripting of it.


Our consultants will ensure that your strategy is sustainable and measurable on an ongoing basis. We’ll find the right balance of things you should be doing in-house, and what we will support you with.

We’ll also help you create a framework for measuring the perfomance of your strategy and build in review points over time so that you’re able to adapt your approach as needed.

To ensure that your strategy is manageable in the long –term, we’ll work with you to develop best practice guidelines and policies so all staff involved in the implementation of your strategy are comfortable with the plan.

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Herd have been fantastic in working with our young team of Trailblazers, helping them use documentary film-making techniques to explore issues around equal access to the UK’s leisure venues.
Bobby Ancil, Project Manager, Muscular Dystrophy Campaign
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