Live events are over in the blink of an eye: we can help you capture them forever.

Live event film production

Live events are by their very nature over in what seems like the blink of an eye: all that planning, blood sweat and tears, and as soon as it's finished you're onto the next one hoping all that hard work was appreciated and not forgotten.

Which is why it is sometimes important to document them. Whether to allow those who couldn't attend the event to view it online, to promote future events, or simply for posterity, we can help you make sure nothing is lost.

Our crews have covered most types of live events over the years, from conference filming to exhibitions and awards ceremonies. We know how crucial it is that schedules are kept, speeches and awards are recorded, the right people are interviewed, and most importantly, that the event itself is paramount. Not the camera crew.

Here are two examples of recent events we have covered:

British Safety Council: International Safety Awards

Read more about the International Safety Awards film in our case study >

Bond's Annual Conference

Read more about the Bond Annual Conference film in our case study >

What have you got planned and how can we help you with it? Get in touch and let us know.

they say...

What you have produced in an idiotic timescale is really great - well done. The film, graphics and all components work really well together. I was very proud.
British Safety Council
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