If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a video worth?

Moving image

With annual corporate video production spending predicted to reach $1 billion in the US this year, and the UK catching up fast, there has never been a better time to invest in moving image content.

Our team of video production and motion graphics specialists come from broadcast television backgrounds and can help you create live action and animated videos for anything from internal communications to online advertising and interactive virals. We are able to handle most types of corporate video production, form concept development through to production, post production and distribution.

Why video?

Here are 5 reasons why video is a must in any digital communications mix:

1. Time is of the essence

Video can present complicated ideas in simple visual summaries that help busy people understand what you're saying, quickly.

2. It has reach

4 out of 5 people watch online video every month in the UK.

3. It aids search engine optimisation

When you're searching for something, video is 53 times more likely to pop up on the first page of results.

4. It engages people

When someone visits your site, they are 4 times more likely to look at video content than anything else.

5. It's easily shared, tracked and measured

How many views? How many watched it all the way through? Click-through rates? There are stats galore available to help you make the most of your online video.

To find out more about our corporate video production and motion graphics work, check out our portfolio, or drop us a line to learn how video can improve your communications.

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Drupal is a powerful campaigning tool. It allows you to create e-actions, blogs, donation platforms, petitions, collaborative advocacy documents: pretty much anything you need to engage people in your campaigns.
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