Lights, Camera, Access!

When it comes to exploring issues of social inequality, there’s nothing quite like the power of documentary film to give voice to opinions that might otherwise go unheard. Over the last few months, we’ve been putting this idea to the test by working with the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign’s young Trailblazers on a documentary exploring disabled access to cinemas in the UK.

Collaborating with the Trailblazers

The Traiblazers were keen to take a hands-on role in the production of the film, which has made this a truly collaborative project. We ran a series of workshops with the young people on how to plan, film and edit a documentary, and have worked with them to help them collect their own flipcam footage, conduct interviews with our professional crew and write the script that shaped the final film. 

The end result

The project has been one of the most rewarding we've worked on, and is starting to get a fair bit of media attention. The film was shown to MPs and the Chief Executives of the big three cinema chains at the All Party Parliamentary Group for Young Disabled People, it has been featured in The Guardian's film blog, and it even won an award at the Slough Youth Film Festival! Along the way, we've learned a lot about disability and access to cinemas, rubbed shoulders with celebs at the premiere of PAUL, and got to tread the corridors of power in Parliament:

Lights, Camera, Access: PAUL Premiere

Lights, Camera, Access: Paul Maynard MP interview


in a nutshell...

A campaign documentary led by young people, exploring issues around disabled access to cinemas.


  • Campaign documentary
  • DVD, online & cinema delivery
  • Subtitles & audio description


  • Sony EX3
  • Canon 7D
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Adobe After Effects

they say...

Herd have been fantastic in working with our young team of Trailblazers, helping them use documentary film-making techniques to explore issues around equal access to the UK’s leisure venues.
Bobby Ancil, Project Manager, Muscular Dystrophy Campaign
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