Word from the herd

Word from the herd

Digital R&D fund for Arts & Culture

NESTA and the Arts Council have announced an exciting new digital research & development fund for arts and culture organisations.

The fund is aimed at arts organisations who are looking to use digital technology to expand their audience engagement or explore new business models, and will focus on projects that can demonstrate potential for collaboration with other arts organisations and wider impact on the sector.

Arts organisations who are keen to apply for the fund are being encouraged to partner with technology companies to demonstrate how they will jointly deliver the projects. According to the NESTA website, the programme will fund projects in the following areas:

1. User Generated Content and social media

Harnessing the power of the Internet and social media to reach audiences and to give them a platform for discussion, participation and creativity.

2. Distribution

Using digital technologies to deliver artistic and cultural experiences and content in new ways.

3. Mobile, location and games

Developing a new generation of mobile and location-based experiences and services, including games.

4. Data and archives

Making archives, collections and other data more widely available to other arts and cultural organisations and the general public.

5. Resources

Using digital technologies to improve the way in which arts and cultural organisations are run including business efficiency and income generation and the way in which they collaborate with each other.

6. Education & learning

Developing interactive education and learning resources for children, teachers, young people, adult learners and arts and cultural sector professionals.

How to apply

The application form is available from the NESTA website and the submission deadline is 12 noon on September 2nd 2011. If you're looking for a technology partner to work with on your bid, drop us a line.

Posted byNeilon 2nd August 2011