Word from the herd

Word from the herd

St. Pancras Station plays host to some fun theatre.

Entertaining the Masses at St. Pancras Station

Our last post about the goings on in our local community was quite a while ago now, but lots has been happening of late, such as this new venture from interactive theatre company Bread and Goose.

King's Cross has been all a buzz since the Olympics came to town, but no one likes queuing. Well, no one who isn’t British. So, with queues at St. Pancras station longer than ever, Bread and Goose have devised a fun and informative way of keeping the crowds entertained while they wait.

During particularly busy times of the day, actors will suddenly appear to perform a 'pop-up' play. They keep commuters and tourists amused by telling the story of the history of St. Pancras dressed in costume and reenacting pivotal moments in the area's long and varied history.

Tickets can’t be booked for the performances, but if you fancy taking your chances, head along at a particularly thronging time of day and maybe you will be fortunate enough to see a reenactment. What a fun way to learn something new! Performances take place between 8-10am and 12-2pm from 3rd-9th August.

Posted byMatton 1st August 2012